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My trekking boots are in dire need of a good scrub. I love to travel, take plenty of pictures, and write all about it once I return home.

Living on a tiny island has its quirks and perks. There’s always a new pathway along the cliffs that I haven’t yet explored, or an old tavern tucked away in the backstreets of my hometown that I’ve never been to.

While I tend to avoid crowds like the plague, I find it hard to give cultural events a miss. They’re always a good source of inspiration for my writing, and there’s always something at the stalls that I can add to my collection of exotic items.

When I’m not trudging through mud or shopping for dresses, I’m usually trying to decide which book to read next, or writing a new blog post.

This blog is where I record short anecdotes and express my views on different issues. I also run my own website with travel stories and photography; grumpycamel.com

You can get in touch with me on andaga143@hotmail.com, or find me on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/danielafrendo


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